Five Travel Tips

Five Travel Tips

September 4, 2015 0 By admin

Welcome to the Friday Five!  

It’s Danielle Kempe taking over the blog today. I’m your MA state
rep and a blogger at Getting
Fit in MA.
My five tips today all have to do with travel. Summer may be over
but we all know that fall is a great time to travel, especially throughout the
1)    Don’t pay
for guide books – borrow them from the library before you leave.
I just
returned from a trip to Brussels, Belgium, and Paris, France. I got great
walking tour guides (with maps) for both cities from the library. I also checked
out a great beach read of a mystery novel set in Nice, France.
2)    Check
Yelp before you go – to get recommendations on tourist attractions &
Bonus: If you’re a part of Yelp’s Elite program, you can attend Elite
events in any city. Check the Yelp Elite calendar of the cities you’re visiting
& RSVP if there’s an event you’d like to join. I’m a Boston Yelp Elite but
I attended a wicked fun Elite event in Dallas, TX when I visited this year.
3)    Don’t
over-schedule yourself
It’s OK if you’d like to just sit and read a
book on your vacation. You don’t need to be sight-seeing 24/7! This is your
time to relax too!
4)    Bring a
power strip
If you’re
traveling overseas, don’t forget the power adaptors too. (Note: Ask the front
desk about it first though if traveling overseas. I found out the hard way that
power adaptors and power strips may overload a circuit though when I blew a
fuse at a hotel when I plugged the power strip into the adaptor. Oops!) The
power adaptor is great for US trips though, since you’re less likely to leave a
charger behind if everything is plugged into the power strip.
5)    Check
local blogs before you travel to see if they have suggestions.
Locals know their cities best after all! If
you’re traveling to Boston, I recommend the Boston on Budget blog. (I read it regularly
too since I’m a local to MA.)
I hope you all have a lot of fun on your trips this season!

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