Places to Visit Near Buffalo & Niagara Falls, NY This Summer!

Every year, every season, I set out to make these “to do” lists of things that would make a well-rounded family experience (like THIS, and THIS). Sometimes we do a good job at checking things off, and other times we totally blow it.

I’m okay with not checking off every little thing on every single list, but taking the time to create such detailed lists and then ignoring them in exchange for lying on my patio swing for hours while the boys work buckets of sand into their shoes (and in Jake’s case, his diaper), seems like a waste.

I’ve gotten better at streamlining my lists down to the realistic things. Last year I focused on outdoor activities. This year, I’m focusing more on outings.

We live in the Buffalo, NY area, and we just don’t take advantage of all there is to do these days. In the past five years alone, our community has created so many things to see and do! There’s a saying around town that goes, “If you haven’t seen Buffalo lately, you haven’t seen Buffalo.”

So just in case you are local to Western New York, or you’re thinking of crossing “See Niagara Falls” off your bucket list this Summer and you want to know what else to check out while you’re here, I’m sharing my list of what we’ll be up to around Buffalo this Summer!

1. Transit Drive-In
2. Letchworth State Park
3. Fantasy Island
4. Beaver Island Beach
5. Putt-Putt (anywhere!)
6. The Buffalo Zoo
7. Camping (lots of choices, we like the KOAs around here)
8. Old Man River/Mississippi Mudds (get the sweet potato fries!)
9. Greg’s U-Pick (Strawberries in June, Blueberries in July, Blackberries in August)
10. Buffalo Botanical Gardens
11. Glen Falls
12. Sweet Jenny’s
13. Buffalo Naval Park & Canalside
14. Tifft Nature Preserve 
15. Arcade & Attica Railroad
16. Harbor Center
17. Olcott Beach
18. Wehrle Golf Dome
19. Transit Lanes
20. Buffalo Science Museum
21. Hidden Valley Animal Adventure
22. Fort Niagara Park & Old Fort Niagara
23. Darien Lake
24. Niagara Falls Aquarium
25. Canal Fest

We will, of course, visit many playgrounds, our three fav ice cream stops (probably way too many times), and watch 4th of July fireworks nearby. Oh – and don’t forget to get your Beef on Weck, Wings, and Watsons sponge candy while you’re in town!

If you’re local – where are you headed this summer? Anywhere I should add to my list?

Jenn is a mom of 3 boys living near Buffalo, NY, and blogs about her life and hobbies on her blog, Rych In Love

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