5 Tips for Blogging Etiquette

Let’s talk blogging etiquette.  While we like to say there are no “rules” to blogging, as each person’s blog is unique to their life and voice, there are some unspoken guidelines all bloggers should take into consideration.  Most of these seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often we see these etiquette guidelines broken!

1. Don’t steal photos.
Simple enough right?  Don’t take photos from another bloggers blog, Facebook page or instagram and say they are your own!  You shouldn’t take photos from Pinterest and edit them to look like they aren’t from Pinterest.  It’s just plain wrong to take another bloggers photos!

2. Don’t steal content.
Often times you will see similar ideas for posts on different blogs.  This happens, especially with things like holiday post, recipes and craft ideas- hey there are only so many ideas out there, right?  But, to blatantly copy-paste from another blogger’s post?  That is just a huge no-no!

3. Post your disclosures.
If you received product or monetary compensation, you must disclose this information in your post.  This is more than just etiquette, it is actually an FTC guideline.  Be sure to disclose that you received free product or compensation in exchange for your post and use the hashtag #ad when you post about said products on social media.  Remember, these are not blogger “perks,” they are considered payment for your services as a writer.

4. Give credit when credit is due.
If you do use someone’s photo, with permission of course, be sure to give credit to that person!  The same goes for content ideas- it’s courteous to say you were inspired by so-and-so’s post or recipe or even to link over to them if you are using one of their ideas in your post!

5. Act professional.
If you are making money as a blogger, you are a professional.  Even if you aren’t making money you are building a brand around yourself!  How do you want others to see you and your brand?  Be proud of your work and demand to be treated as a professional by acting like it!

What are you tips for blogging etiquette?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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