Blog of the Week: Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles

Blog of the Week: Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles

February 12, 2015 0 By admin

This week’s blog of the week is Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles, written by Rebekah!  Rebekah is a New Yorker and one of her life goals is to hike the Appalachian Trail!  Meet Rebekah:

Tell us a little about you:
Hi! My name is Rebekah and I blog over at Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles. I love to read, am addicted to way too many tv shows, and love exploring the wonderful jungle I live in, NYC. I currently work as a House Manager for family, meaning I help manage their lives and their children- kind of like a stay-at-home mom, except they pay me. My goal is to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2016 which is why I started my blog.  

What is your blog about?
I consider Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles to be a lifestyle blog, about my lifestyle. I share book reviews, recipes, fun products that I’ve tried and liked (or not) and in general just what I’m up to on a day-to-day basis. The space was created to help me get into the habit of documenting my ongoings and just grown from there. 

What is your favorite spot to visit in the Northeast?
Even though I live here now, I still haven’t visited too many spots in the NE, at least not recently.. as a child we roadtripped a lot. Besides NYC I would say Philadelphia is a favorite spot, my mother and older sister live there now and I enjoy getting to know the area and visit all the fun historical places. 

Where do you live and what do you love about it?
I live in New York City. I’m a horrible homebody but I love that if I wanted to I could find something to do at anytime of the day in NYC. And Broadway! It is so close and I don’t get there anywhere as often as I would like to – although I have a few shows coming up, Kinky Boots, Matilda and Book of Mormon! And I love the food in NYC- you can find just about anything you want, a weird ingredient for a recipe, a fun food truck, doughnut ice cream sandwiches (they exist).  

What do you love most about blogging?
I’m not sure I could pinpoint just one thing I love about blogging. I love how many new people I’ve met, how much I have learned about myself, how accomplished I feel when I hit publish everyday. I love getting to read what other people are doing and sharing. 

What is your favorite form of social media?
Facebook is my top social media choice for sure, twitter is interesting but I just haven’t gotten it down yet, and most of what I see on instagram is also shared on facebook. I like getting to see what my friends and family are up to as well as the news and other interesting things in the world.

Thanks Rebekah!  Be sure to visit her blog this week and follow her on social media!      

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