Staying Sane While Snowed In – With Help From The Library

Staying Sane While Snowed In – With Help From The Library

February 5, 2015 3 By admin
Winter has not been kind to me over in MA.
The 1st blizzard of 2015 left us with 2 feet of snow.  Before that snow had a chance to melt, another foot of snow was dropped. Now, the news is reporting that Boston could see another 2 feet of snow over the next 10 days!
I was sick of winter before it began this year.  I’m a rare New England resident that has never skied.
As you may have guessed, I’ve been snowed in a few times already this winter.
I am not someone who enjoys being cooped up & I go stir crazy pretty quickly.
How have I kept my sanity so far?
With help from the OverDrive
! The library may be snowed in & closed, but I can still borrow
e-books using the OverDrive app.  I highly recommend checking it out for your reading
pleasure.  I mean – free ebooks?! Can’t
beat that!

It’s Danielle Kempe
taking over the blog today. I’m your MA state rep and a blogger at
Getting Fit in MA.

Have you ever heard of tried the OverDrive app?  What books are you reading this winter?

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