Five Ways To Keep Your 2015 Goals

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but for me the new year is a clean slate. It’s the perfect time to set some new goals. And when I say goals, I mean actual goals and not resolutions. Does anyone actually keep to their resolutions past February? I usually don’t. That’s why I thought I would share five ways to keep your 2015 goals.

1. Keep it short and sweet: For me, I chose to make 5 main goals for 2015. Maybe that sounds low but it seemed realistic. With 5 goals I could focus my energy on them throughout the year.

2. Put it in writing!: Sometimes writing out your specific goals can help you feel more motivated. Write them in a journal, on your blog or just on whatever piece of paper you can find. Put them in writing so you remember exactly what you hope to accomplish. Make it pretty if you need to or add a favorite inspirational quote, whatever you think you will find inspiring just do it.

3. Keep that goal sheet accessible: Now that you wrote down what your 2015 goals are, make sure you keep them in a place where you can reference back to them throughout the year. Some people keep them on an inspiration board above their workspace, some people actually laminate them for their planners, and I’ve even had a person tell me their goals are displayed on their refrigerator. Obviously you need to find what works for you but the point is to be able to access them easily.

4. Make them attainable: I think this is so important because why should you set yourself up for failure? Now I’m not saying to aim low but goals have to be realistic. Now let’s say one of your goals is fitness related, for example, to start to running. Are you really going to set a goal of running a marathon in February? Not really. Maybe a more appropriate goal is to conquer 3 miles. Sometimes if we set our sights too high, the disappointment of not accomplishing it by a certain time leads us to abandon the goal all together.

5. Keep going, no matter what!: I have this as my laptop background and I love seeing it everyday. Work hard and don’t give up. If you lose focus just get right back on track.

So how about you, any big goals for 2015? How do you plan to keep them?

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