Blog of the Week: AA

Blog of the Week: AA

December 31, 2014 1 By admin

Welcome to the Blog of the Week!  This week our blog of the week is AA written by Allison.  Meet Allison in this weeks blog of the week interview!

Tell us a little about you:
I’m a 32 year old native New Yorker. I work in the online advertising industry in New York City and live by the beach (doesn’t get much better than that!). I have a passion for fashion (that rhymed), music, photography and obviously writing. My friends and family mean the world to me and I’m happiest when I’m with them.

What is your blog about?

It’s a personal blog — I share personal stories and experiences, share music and photos, touch on relationships/dating, talk about current events, hot topics and celebrities, and ALWAYS try to incorporate my signature sarcasm/humor 🙂 

What is your favorite spot to visit in the Northeast?
Central Park in NYC. It’s so beautiful and you can go a hundred times and see something new each time you’re there. I absolutely love it.

What do you love most about blogging?
I love starting a dialogue and seeing my friends and followers chatting about a topic I’ve written about. I’m happy to write even without feedback or comments, but when I get them it makes it SO much better. I want my writing to make people think and also share their personal experiences or opinions. 

What is your favorite form of social media?
It fluctuates, but right now I’m loving Instagram. I’ve always had an interest in photography, and IG is a great way to showcase my pics of NYC, friends/family (obviously my adorable niece) and even funny things.

Where do you live and what do you love about it?
I live in a beach town in Long Island. I grew up going to this specific beach and have incredible childhood memories of the town. Now, as an adult — it’s a GREAT place to live especially for young single folks and there are great bars, restaurants, people and of course — the ocean!         

Thanks Allison!  Be sure to visit her blog this week and follow her on social media!

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Happy New Year everyone!

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