5 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During the Holidays

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Hi Northeast bloggers!  It’s Danielle Kempe taking over the blog today. I’m your MA state rep and a blogger at Getting Fit in MA.
Five Tips for Taking Care of Yourself During the Holiday Season
1) Make a schedule
Get out your calendar and write down what needs to get done.
2) Make plans that are fun for you
sure your schedule includes tasks that re-energize you. For me, that’s
making sure I get fun fitness activities and gel manicures. (No, not at
the same time.)
2) Give yourself permission to say “No” to requests on your time that don’t energize you.
This seems to be the time of year when everyone decides to throw a party.
While well meaning, it can be a drag on your already packed “To do” list, and saying “no thanks” is OK!
for things that you can’t say “no” to but don’t want to attend, plan
ahead how much time you will spend there and stick to it.
3) Breathe
stress is getting to you, take a moment to have a deep breath, and
focus on reminding yourself why you’re doing this particular task.
the parking at the mall insane but you need a last minute gift? See if
you can figure out a less stressful way to complete the task. Would a
less crowded store have an equal gift? (My go to is a small fruit basket
from a local store.)
4) Make sure to eat
easy to get so busy checking tasks off the “to do” list this time of
year that things we don’t normally even think about go out the window. I
make sure to carry snacks in my purse when I go out. (Almonds are a
good one because they won’t melt on you.)
5) Find humor where you can
I take a break to read a comic from “The Oatmeal” but figure out what works for you!

I wish you a joyous holiday season & a happy new year!
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