Ways to Cut Back on Calories During the Holiday Season

The holiday season usually means overindulgence on yummy, delicious, mouth-watering food. Thanksgiving has passed and I’m sure some of you may still be trying to work off that turkey weight, but we still have a rough month ahead of us with loads of food temptations. There will be delicious treats everywhere you go. Your office may have a holiday party (or several…) or you may go out for dinner more often as you holiday shop. The opportunities for overeating (and “bad” food at that) are endless! Most people just go for it and make a deal with themselves that come January 1st they will hit the gym and lose that extra weight. But sometimes that doesn’t always work out. So instead of feeling guilty for allowing yourself all these extra treats during the holiday season, work on making a few small changes in your diet and lifestyle in order to counterbalance things!

1. Skip the sugar and cream in your coffee. Opt for skim milk if you can.
2. Take the stairs whenever possible. Say NO to the elevator!
3. Cut out any soda or soft drinks. That includes diet soda!
4. If you plan on drinking, keep it simple. Don’t go for the fruity cocktails. And try your best to limit yourself to three drinks tops.
5. Share your dessert with someone rather than eating it all yourself.
6. Shopping at the mall? Walk fast to burn extra calories. Just be sure to avoid the slow walkers or crowds of teenagers roaming around. (You can even make a game out of this…)
7. If you know you’ll be eating out for dinner, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch so you won’t feel guilty later on.
8. Go ice skating! Not only is it a fun winter activity to do with family and friends, but it’s also a way of exercising. Of course, this is only a good idea if you can actually somewhat ice skate…
9. Don’t sit at your desk all day. Take a few breaks to walk around a bit.
10. Eat whole wheat bread and pasta. Replace brown rice with white rice. It can make a huge difference!

Do you have any other tips to help keep the weight off during the holiday season?

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