D.I.Y. Christmas Countdown

Hi everyone! It’s Karen again with another holiday themed D.I.Y. Obviously we are in the throes of the holiday season. Shopping, card writing, parties, eating and more shopping. Since I have a little one, I try and do little holiday projects with her to try and teach about whatever we are celebrating. So today I’m sharing a D.I.Y, Christmas Countdown.

This is a pretty simple craft and of course it was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. (Isn’t that where most inspiration comes from?) And this is something that was simple enough to do with my daughter. Sold!

Here’s what I used for our Christmas Countdown:

– Green felt that I bought a large square of at a craft store for about $2.00
– Tiny stockings that I bought at a party store for about $1.50 per bag. Each bag had 12 stockings.
– Glitter glue that I bought at the Target dollar aisle…my favorite spot.
– Pom poms
– Hot glue and scissors

Here’s what I did:

I drew the tree pattern onto the felt freehand. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, especially if you are doing this with your kid! Then I cut out the tree with my sharp craft scissors. Next we spread our little stockings out on the table and, with the glitter glue, numbered our stockings from 1 to 23.
(Why 23? Because I’m from an “off-the-boat” Italian family and our celebration takes place on Christmas Eve. So we have always ended our countdown with the 23rd. Obviously you can number yours differently.)
My daughter is only three so we did our glitter numbers together. Sometimes they came out a little splotchy but we didn’t mind. After that, I used hot glue to attach each little numbered stocking to our tree. She pointed to where each one should go and I glued. We didn’t even wait till our glitter numbers were completely dry and we still didn’t smudge any! Then we added our little pom pom decorations, which she mostly did. I helped her with the hot glue and she put them wherever she wanted. When everything was dry, I hung up our Christmas Countdown on a door in our kitchen so we would see it first thing every morning and countdown the days. For a marker, I just used a pop stick with some more glitter sprinkled on. The more glitter, the better in our house (at least for my daughter and I). The marker slips into each little stocking.

And that’s pretty much it! An easy D.I.Y. Christmas Countdown that really has been a big hit this year. My daughter gets excited to move the marker everyday because she knows it’s one day closer to Christmas!

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