Five Reasons to Support Small Business Saturday!

I have always been a fan of Small Business Saturday. Since it has had a rise in the past few years and Black Friday is getting a worse and worse reputation as it takes over Thanksgiving as well, I wanted to talk about how different these two “holidays” really are. So while the craze of getting all your shopping done and getting great deals is what brings these two shopping days into the same weekend, here are five reasons why Small Business Saturday is the “holiday” you should be supporting more!


1. Supports your local economy.
By spending your money in a small business, that money is more likely to stay and circulate in your own community. Buy from one local business and your helping that person buy from another local business and, probably more importantly, they are able to hire and give jobs to other locals. This is a win-win-win.

2. Family-owned businesses help families grow.
My dad owns his own business and I know that because of his hard work, my brother and I were able to take dance and karate lessons, join sports teams, learn how to play instruments. So just like #1, because people paid my dad, he was able to put that money back into the community through my dance studio and our music teachers, and that allowed my brother and I to have a great childhood. So when you buy local goods, you’re not just getting a product or service in return, you’re also allowing people to full fill their dreams and giving their family a life.

3. Shopping local saves you money.
This one might take some convincing, but honestly, after you factor in your time and gas money, how much did you really save by driving out to the mall or large chain store? While some products may be more expensive than you might think they should be, consider this, the person handing you the item was more than likely the one who made it. Large companies are able to make things “cheap” because they outsource the creation of their goods and we all know that’s not always a great situation for the workers. However by buying local, the money you give for a product or service is going fairly and directly to the source.

4. Shopping local keeps more things local.
Salons, diners, restaurants, daycare, banks, theaters; the list goes on. These kind of industries only stick around if there are local shops to be around and support them in return. Without a way for a local economy to flourish, there is no reason for these other places to stick around.

5. Local shop owners appreciate you more than any big business ever will.
This is obvious, right? If you’re active in your community, you more than likely know the owners of these shops anyway. They’re your friends, go to you church, or your kids are in the same class. They will always consider you as a person and a valued customer, how many large companies will ever really do that? Local businesses live and die by word of mouth as their main source of advertisement. That usually means a higher level of customer service, more knowledgeable staff, and a higher level of appreciation for their customers because they know that they better they treat you, the more likely you are to come back. Something that not all large companies have been able to emulate.

So for the sake of your sanity, wallet, and community, get out there on Saturday and support the local businesses in your area! Where will you be shopping this Saturday?

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