Five Autumn Activities to do in the Northeast


The first day of fall is only a few days away and there’s a TON of things to do here in the Northeast! This area is notorious not only for our beautiful autumn scenery, but also all the fun fall activities to do. These are just five of a multitude of activities you can partake in whether solo, with your family or your friends. However, these five are very important fall activities that you should absolutely find time to do because it wouldn’t really be autumn in the Northeast without doing these! 🙂

1. Apple & Pumpkin Picking

Of course, there are so many different vegetables and fruits to be picked throughout the Northeast (all depending on what area you’re in) but these two have always been the most popular. There’s just something about apples and pumpkins that scream fall to me. This is such a fun and cute activity to do with your family on the weekend and the photo ops with the kiddos are endless. Grab some hot apple cider and cider donuts after you’ve made your picks and you’re good to go! The great thing about this fall activity is that it can lead to even more fall activities… such as baking an apple pie or pumpkin pie or the all-time favorite: pumpkin carving! (Maybe not a favorite for some of you because if you’ve done this before you know how messy and difficult it can be, ha!)


2. Haunted House or Hay Ride


Ahhh yes. With fall brings Halloween and the entire month of October tends to revolve around this awesome and fun holiday. This may not be a “kid-friendly” activity unless you have older kids, but it’s definitely something you can go out and do one weekend with your friends. Have a contest to see who can scream the loudest 😉 There are so many places in which you can find the perfect “haunted house” and some are scarier than others. 


Also, you can either go on one of these fun and “fake” haunted houses that are always guaranteed fun and laughs, but if you’re into history or want something more authentic you can also visit actual “haunted” places. There are some pretty famous haunted places throughout the Northeast, such as Sleepy Hollow in New York and Salem in Massachusetts. If you’re from New Jersey, like I am, you may be familiar with Weird NJ that has a great list of all the weird and supposedly haunted places throughout the state. They’ve actually expanded their site so now they have “weird” and spooky stories for all the states! Check it out here. As the weather starts getting chillier, you may find the urge to give yourself a few haunted chills 😉

3. Hiking or Camping

This is the perfect time to go on a hiking or camping trip. Ideally, a day of hiking would probably be best since the temperatures drop significantly at night and you might not want to freeze your butt off in a tent! There are so many beautiful hiking trails scattered throughout the Northeast. No matter what state you reside in, you’re bound to find a great one. It’s also the perfect time to go hiking because the scenery can be amazing. The changing colors of the leaves combined with that crunch you feel as you hike through paths covered in crisp fall leaves is really one of the greatest parts about fall in the Northeast. Take advantage of a sunny Saturday or Sunday and go out hiking. This is one of those activities that can even be enjoyed solo (and maybe even the best when done alone) because it provides a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Surrounding yourself with nature can always bring clarity and peace to the mind.

4. Fall Festivals 

Festivals aren’t just for the summer! There are plenty of festivals thrown throughout the few months of autumn. Since a lot of fruits and vegetables are in harvest during this time, there’s usually food-related festivals you can find in your area. If you’re a fan of craft beers, there are tons of Octoberfest related festivals, too. A lot of the farms that do apple and pumpkin picking throw festivals of their own, or sometimes towns throw their own “fall festivals” with tons of activities for the whole family. This is also a time when a lot of craft fairs take place.

5. Bonfires

Seriously, is there anything that smells more like fall then the smell of a bonfire? I love when it starts getting chillier out and you can smell coal burning (or whatever that smell is?) Obviously, you should check your state laws before creating your own bonfire because some places prohibit them. The best part about bonfires is you can create one in your own backyard. Invite some family and friends over and relax by the fire with some hot cocoa or hot apple cider. Perfect time to tell ghost stories, too! 

What’s your favorite fall activity? Do you have a fall tradition you do every year with your family/friends?
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