Guest Post: Easy Homemade Bread Recipe

Have you been itching to try your hand at making your own fresh bread at home?  Well wait no longer because Farin of The Newest Vazquez’s has the perfect recipe for easy homemade bread!  Your house will soon be filled with that delicious smell of bread baking!

1 packet of Active Dry Yeast (I used Fleischmann’s Yeast)
3 cups white flour, additional as needed
1/4 cup Milk
5 tsp. Sugar
5 tsp. Butter
1 tsp Salt
Cooking Spray for loaf pan

1. Get a bowl, and mix 1 packet of Active Dry yeast with 1 cup of warm water. Stir it up well until it’s no longer lumpy.

2. Take the butter you set aside and microwave it until melted. Stir butter into yeast water.

3. Continue to add your sugar, salt, milk and then (gradually) add flour to the yeast water.

4. Stir it up. It should look like the photo below.
—As you can see, I underestimated the size of bowl I would need. Get
the bigger bowl the first time. It’s better than more dishes.

5. Continue to mix it together, adding flour gradually. I added about 4
cups to reach the desired texture in the photo below. It might be
different for you, but basically it should reach the point where you can
hold it and it stops sticking to your hands when you pick it up.

6. Let it sit in that bowl for an hour. Cover it with a towel (to keep dust out).

7. When you come back, your dough should be somewhat larger. At this
point I forgot to take some photos, but it’s around 1.5 to 2 times it’s
original size. This is why you should get the large bowl from the

8. Flour your cutting board and poke your dough. It will shrink back
down. Put it on the floured surface and start kneading it for around 10

9. Spray your loaf pan with cooking spray.

10. Roll it into a ‘log’ shape, that fits inside your pan. Next time
I’ll be more careful to make the top smooth, since mine came out pretty
lumpy because I just threw it in the pan.

11. Let it sit in that pan for another hour. It will grow more, and probably over the sides a bit. Cover with a towel.

12. Come back and back it. I baked the bread at 400 degrees for 30
minutes exactly. It came out easily, I just flipped the pan and the loaf
slid out onto the cooling rack.

12. Let it cool.

13. Slice. Enjoy!

That looks amazing!  Can’t you just smell the delicious scent of warm bread coming out of the oven?  Thanks for the recipe Farin!  Be sure to check out the original post and more on her blog!

Have you ever made homemade bread?  What’s your favorite?

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