Blog of the Week: Coming Up Roses

Blog of the Week: Coming Up Roses

June 18, 2014 1 By admin
This week’s blog of the week is Coming up Roses, written by Erica!  Meet Erica:

HEY! I’m Erica. A sister, girlfriend (romantic adventures with the
boyf!), girlfriend (crazy adventures with my girls!), Wharton woman,
pianist/singer/thespian, and experimental fashionista. I guess I’m also a
writer, and this is where I write about life.

Life has stuff. And my favorite stuffs…

Happiness, smiles, God, love, Christmas lights, eskimo kisses,
pianos, moonlight, sparkles, candles, nail art, flower bouquets, making
lists, motivational tidbits, Audrey Hepburn, satirical news editorials,
the Christmas season, Wayfarers, Broadway, the consumer psyche, fashion,
throw blankets, yoga, planning, aspiring and inspiring, miracles,
scarves, gladiator sandals, gummy vitamins, bomber jackets, interior
design, picture frames, collages, Queen Bey, baking, dark chocolate,
snuggling, skinny vanilla hazelnut lattes, fireplaces, Chinese takeout,
pillows, long runs, gold stars, froyo, grocery shopping, traveling, The
City of Brotherly Love, sunset walks on the beach, zip lining,
leadership camps, random acts of kindness, sharing compliments,
blossoming vases, snail mail cards, “just because,” kittens, sour patch
watermelons, fuzzy flip flops, Shih Tzus, granola with peanut butter,
day-making voicemails, the Spanish language, and jalapeno cream cheese
on asiago bagels.

Lover of all things lace and chiffon, I’m also a foodie, yogie, and
“Bachelor” junkie at Tory Burch and John Legend’s alma mater.

Thanks for sharing Erica!  Please be sure check out her blog this week and say hi!

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