5 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Welcome to the Friday Five!  Each week you can link up you Friday Five post with us!  Whether it’s 5 random things from your week, 5 tips on something or 5 places you’d like to visit- all posts of 5 are welcome!  Today’s guest Friday 5 post comes from Northeast Bloggers founder, Rachel!
5 Tips for New Bloggers
These tips might be for new bloggers, but sometimes it’s nice for even seasoned bloggers to go back to the basics and evaluate their blogs!  I surveyed some fellow bloggers and asked them what blogging tipsthey would give to new bloggers and here are 5 tips I found!

#5: Get Involved in blogging groups so you can network and education yourself! 
From: Reesa of Mama Lew’s Blog
If you’re part of the Northeast Bloggers then you’ve already made a step in the right direction on this one!  Joining networking groups on their websites and in their facebook groups is a great way to put your blog out there, gain valuable feedback and grow your blog (not to mention your blogging knowledge!)
#4: Consider your blog design!
There are plenty of free and cheaper templates out there, or you may choose to hire a designer.  Think about how you want to “brand” your blog, what colors and fonts you want to use and what you want to include on your sidebar and pages.  Try to strike the balance between too busy and too boring!  A designer can help you with all of that and more!  One of my personal favorites is Melanie of Adorability Designs!
#3:  Use a great head shot! 
From: Ellie of Creative Geekery
A nice photo of yourself is an important aspect of your blog because, besides your header, it should be one of the first things people see when they go to your site!  Be sure your head shot is clear and don’t forget to edit.  Take a lot of photos so you have options to choose the best one!
#2: If you’re serious about blogging, go self hosted from the start and buy your domain name!
From: Larisha of We’re Parents
There are many reasons to do this, the main one being, of course, ownership of your own content!  Setting it up that way in the first place saves you the hassle of having to switch down the road if you realize you want to make that switch!  For a self hosted blog you will need a hosting service and to purchase your domain name.  I recommend Web Hosting Hub, as they do both for you and they have excellent customer service!  As a bonus they are also offering a discount to Northeast Bloggers members of $3.99/month! (be sure to click the link in this post or on the sidebar for the discounted price!)
#1 Above all, just be yourself!
Don’t try to imitate other bloggers.  Write what you know and what you feel comfortable with!  What works for one blogger or another may not work on your blog, just be yourself and the rest will follow!  Think about why you want to blog and what you enjoy about it and focus on those things!

What are your tips for new bloggers?

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