Blog of the Week: The Anna Belle Blog

Blog of the Week: The Anna Belle Blog

June 4, 2014 0 By admin
This weeks blog of the week is Anna who write the Anna Belle Blog!  Meet Anna:
Hi all! I’m Anna and I blog about the style and beauty products that I love (and can afford) over at the Anna Belle Blog!

I’ve only been a Northeasterner for a year, but I’m quickly adapting to the area! As a way to introduce myself (and my style) to you, I have put together three of my essential looks for summer in the Northeast: 

rainy days
I’m so used to southern summers that the cool rainy days here were a bit of a surprise. But a fun raincoat and lightweight ankle pants make a fun outfit for even the rainiest and chilliest day! I don’t always mix patterns, but when I do, I mix black and white. (Does that make me the least interesting blogger in the world?) 
I love outdoor concerts and Tanglewood is practically in my backyard, which is a great reason to break out the sundresses. I love the palm pattern on this dress in that pretty chambray blue. You might notice that I stick to smaller jewelry in the summer, like rings and earrings; I can’t stand too much weight around my neck during hot weather! 
Brunch really is the eighth wonder of the world, especially when it can be preceded by a leisurely stroll through the local farmers’ market. Plus, this nail polish color, OPI’s Strawberry Margarita, is probably my favorite nail polish color ever: the perfect bright pink!
I hope you will come check out The Anna Belle Blog!
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Thanks for sharing with us Anna!  Be sure to check out her blog this week and say hi!


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