5 No-Cook Date Night Ideas!

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This week’s guest Friday Five comes to us from Kelly who writes the blog A Lovely Life, Indeed. Kelly is sharing 5 ways to enjoy a no-cook date night this spring! 

5 Components of a Perfect, At-Home, No-Cook, Date Night Dinner Al Fresco

When the weather warms, the living gets a bit easier. There is no equivalent for a lovely night outside, under the stars with someone you love. If you want an easy, no-cook dinner, here’s 5 things to gather for your party. 

1. Start with a cocktail or a cocktail. 
In the morning, before work, prepare a pitcher of my famous sangria. It is not too sweet and it is a crowd-pleaser, even with a romantic crowd of two. 

2. Build a charcuterie plate. 
Use a big wooden cutting board and assemble your favorite creamy cheeses and savory meats for the beginnings of a charcuterie board that you can make your own. Here’s what we put on ours:

  • Manchego cheese from Spain
  • Local smoked gouda or aged Vermont cheddar
  • A creamy goat cheese infused with honey or fig, or coated with blueberries or cranberries and cinnamon.
  • Prosciutto
  • Jamon Serrano, if we can find it, or Spanish Chorizo 
  • French baguette
  • Gherkins for a sweet bite or dill or half-sour pickles
  • Assorted dried fruits, like figs, dates, or apricots. 
  • A sprinkling of nuts, or olives.
  • Add whatever you like…make it yours. 
And if charcuterie’s not your thing, bring home a pizza and share it on a blanket under the stars with a bottle of wine or your beverage of choice.

3. Mood music. 
Our go-to Pandora station is Diana Krall, but consider a station featuring Sade, or Chris Botti or Miles Davis…or a station that’s relevant to you and your love. Bluetooth wireless speakers make it so easy to stream music these days. Have a favorite playlist ready to go? Enjoy!
4. Candles/tiki torches/fire bowl
Here in Massachusetts, may flies take pride in their name. They arrive en masse and at times, overstay their welcome…perhaps waiting for their cousins, the mosquitoes. Regardless of these unwelcome visitors, stay safe and create a romantic barrier of light with candles, tiki torches or a fire bowl so the only nibbles you get come from your love. 
5. Dessert
If you have a fire pit, s’mores seem like the go-to dessert. But with a couple of minutes in the microwave tempering chocolate, you can have chocolate-covered strawberries, or cherries, or whatever is in season. 
Or, if you’re not a chocolate person, try this with strawberries…dip them in sour cream and then in brown sugar. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s divine 
And of course, if you’re lucky enough to live to a farm close by, ice cream stands are a hot bed of romance. After all, it was here that I met my own husband. 
Two spoons, one ice cream…now, that’s romantic. 

Or better yet, one spoon…you get the idea.

So we’re here. Por fin!  We have waited a loooonnnggg time for this weather. Enjoy it. Soak up every last second and savor these nights you wish would last forever. 

It’s spring time, and the living’s easy. Or, if the not the living…at least the loving. Enjoy!

Inspire me…what’s your perfect outdoor date night?

Thanks Kelly!  

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