Blog of the Week: The Newest Vazquez’s

Blog of the Week: The Newest Vazquez’s

April 16, 2014 0 By admin
Welcome!  This week’s blog of the week is The Newest Vazquez’s, written by Farin.  Meet Farin!
Hello, I’m Farin and I’m what I would call a ‘recreational’ blogger.
Paper journals are now ‘retro’, and I’m sure that blogging will be
‘something your grandmother did’ in about 50 years. 
I guess I’m just trying to stay ahead of the curve.
But why do I blog? Aren’t there better things to do?

I began by just recording thoughts about being newly married, but found
that I enjoyed the blogging community and process enough to do this in a
broader spectrum. About the time of my second miscarriage, I felt as
though talking about real life might be able to encourage someone out
there. I then decided to start writing under my own name and am still
trying to figure this writing thing out. I enjoy having a place to go if
I want to vent, if I want to share some amazing article or thought, or
if I want put my thoughts on some virtual paper and clear my head.

What I write about:

I generally write about roadtrips and some vacations we’ve taken, and
daily occurrences that I find memorable. Sometimes I’ll read something
and have to blurt out my thoughts. Sometimes I’ll make something good in
the kitchen, and figure I should document it since I’m not exactly
Julia Child. And at some point I will probably almost burn down our
kitchen and will feel the need to document that, since it’s a testimony
to my family for surviving. And a pat on the back to myself for keeping a
fire extinguisher handy.

Lately I have been ‘venturing’ into more personal issues, such as
fertility, doctor appointments and weight loss. And although I know
those topics aren’t something I’d like to discuss at length over dinner
with family and friends- they serve a purpose online.

 If you’re reading this and we hang out, I would prefer you comment online and not in person about these issues. 

On the interwebs, anything I write is able to reach out to those who might need some encouragement.
Those who are just finding out where their miscarriages are stemming
from or maybe they are looking to follow someone who is documenting the
process of trying to conceive. Or someone might stumble here and want to
see someone being held accountable for their efforts with exercise. I
know I’ve searched high and low for anyone who is dealing with some of
my problems, but made it through. I would like to be that person, to

Oh, you wanted the short version….

My husband and I have been married for 10 months and live in NYC. We had very different beginnings, and you can read about that here. We’re both active followers of Christ, and some information about that can be found here.

Thanks for sharing Farin!  Be sure to check out her blog this week and say hi!

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