Blog of the Week: Fashionably Light

Blog of the Week: Fashionably Light

April 9, 2014 1 By admin
Welcome!  This week our blog of the week is Fashionably Light, written by blogger Xandra!
Meet Xandra:

Hello there! I’m Xandra.

I live a fabulously simple life with less stuff and more sparkle. I like Pac Man and Harry Potter [Go Gryffindor], and my role model is Kiki, teen witch from Kiki’s Delivery Service. I climb mountains, get really excited about theatre, take tea with cuddly toys, and generally try to be more awesome.
Moving across the ocean urged me to own
less stuff, and this step towards minimalism was life-changing. I used
to think of minimalism as a fashion sacrifice, but I’ve found it to be
the opposite. Minimalism has no requirements. It’s about paring down
possessions and commitments until you’re left with only what you adore.
Minimalism applies to all fashions of my life – not just what I wear,
but how I live. I am on a constant quest to find new favourites from
fashion designers to cupcakeries, from songs to cities. To meet new people who share this quest. To make my life sparkle.
I started Fashionably Light in August 2012 to document my ongoing quest
for fabulous simplicity. When I was just starting out on my minimalist
journey, I searched for examples, particularly from minimalist ladies
who also love colour and sparkles. This is my example, my contribution
to the center of the venn diagram of minimalism and fashion.
Thanks Xandra!  For more and to read her “official bio”, be sure to check out her blog this week!

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