Blog of the Week: Lush Fab Glam

Blog of the Week: Lush Fab Glam

April 2, 2014 1 By admin
This week’s blog of the week is Lush Fab Glam!
There are fashionistas and then there are Lush Fab Glam fashionistas,
what’s the difference? The latter loves fashion and beauty but
understands that timeless fashion and real beauty is more than just a
fad or fleeting trend. The Lush Fab Glam fashionista lives a
well-rounded lifestyle and uses her fashion and beauty products to
reflect and enhance not overshadow her personality.
LushFabGlam was created to be the-go-to site for readers who love Everything Luscious, Fabulous and Glamorous. We realized that
there was a gap in the number of blogs and websites that were well
rounded with one-stop access to fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. Or
provided their readers with content that urged a lifestyle beyond
celebrity gossip and the mass promotion of products that their readers
were unable to afford, so we set out to fill that gap.

Our main
goal is keeping our readers enticed, enchanted and anticipating more. We
have taken a unique approach, providing you with our artistic
perspective on only the best of current events stories, innovative ideas
and cutting-edge fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. If we don’t love it and our readers won’t think it’s spectacular then we don’t blog about it, that’s the Lush Fab Glam way.

We have made Lush Fab Glam simple to navigate so you can easily find and enjoy the stories or topics that you are interested in. Our Home Page gives you a rundown of all our new articles for the week. While our Hot Topics, Trending Now and the posts Our Readers Love can
be easily accessed from the right side-bar or at the end of every page.
We also pay close attention to your comments and feedback since they
help us decide future stories.
Most importantly, we write about people, places and things that will enrich every aspect of our readers lives. Whether you love fashion and beauty, are interested  in health and fitness tips, looking for design and decor ideas, or want love and relationships advice. While browsing you may stumble upon our vision and inspiration stories and our words of wisdom and quotations. And when you need some down time to get away from the daily stresses of life, take a virtual R&R and browse through our dream destinationslifestyle and leisure, or entertainment and celebrities stories.
Thanks for sharing with us!  Be sure to check out Lush Fab Glam this week and say hi!

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