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Today’s guest post comes from Maria who writes the blog Pappa Don’t Preach
9 Ways to Stay on Track at your 9 to 5
If you work in an office environment 9 to 5 (likely longer these days) you are probably no stranger to Bagel Friday, Pizza Wednesday and Bonnie in Client Services’ latest baking extravaganza. This is not exactly the best environment when you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. So how do you avoid the forbidden treats when you’re cooped up in your office, stressed over your latest project or just craving something sweet? Here are 9 tips to help you avoid the corporate 15 (or 20).
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1. Bring your own meals. This is stating the obvious. If you plan ahead, you’ll have a much easier time avoiding the treat table. In fact, if you bring something delicious like kale salad and last night’s salmon, that pizza will pale in comparison. It sounds easy because it really is. If you cook in bulk on Sunday, it’s easy to simply toss together your lunches for the week. Not to mention, you’ll also save a significant amount of money. 
2. Stock your desk with healthy snacks. Munchkins screaming at your during your weekly (or daily) meeting. Bring a snack size bag of nuts and unsweetened dried fruit with you instead. Other ideas include almond butter packets (jars can be dangerous), larabars, and fresh fruit. Check out some items from my desk stash.
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3. Take 5 minute breaks through the day. Stretch, go for a quick walk around the building, get some air. These small activities will perk you up and give you the energy you’re really looking for. 
4. Drink all the water. Most of the time, you’re not really hungry, just thirsty. Gulp the crap out of that water! It’s calorie free and refreshing! If your company supplies fresh bottled water, even better!
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5. Pass on the coffee. That sugar and creamer can really add up when you’re downing 3-5 cups per day. Opt for a couple cups of green tea per day instead. And in the warmer months, iced green tea with fresh lemon is extra delicious.
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6. Opt for a healthier option. If you can’t say no, survey your options. Is there a healthier option at the pizza table? A side salad perhaps? Maybe a small slice of thin crust? You don’t want to forgo quality time with your coworkers, and my hope is that you enjoy their company, so be social without going overboard. 
7. Make it an occasional treat. Sometimes you just need to say “yes,” but you don’t have to do it daily. Make it an occasional treat so when you do have it, it’s that much more satisfying. 
 8. Make a pact. Have an office friend that has the same health goals as you? Make a pact with them that when these office shindigs occur, the two of you will stick together and remind one another that the jelly doughnut is only temporary gratification. 
 9. Drop a suggestion. If you feel that your company should offer healthier options, let them know! It doesn’t hurt to offer alternative suggestions. Chances are you’re not the only one who feels that way and eventually, it will make a difference. 


And if your office has a lounge with wine and beer, always say yes on Fridays at 5pm. 
For more of my helpful healthy living tips, and occasional snarky post, visit me at Pappa Don’t Preach.
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