5 Tips for De-cluttering Your Way to a Fabulous Wardrobe

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This week’s guest Friday Five post comes to us from Xandra of the blog Fashionably Light.
5 Tips for De-cluttering Your Way to a Fabulous Wardrobe
Moving to old England
was a potential fashion nightmare for this New England girl, but I took
my limited suitcase space as an opportunity to downsize creatively.
Along the way I learned that minimalism doesn’t have to be restrictive –
in fact, it’s made me even more stylish! Here are some tips for getting started yourself. 
If you fancy reading more, head over to Fashionably Light, where I talk about living with less stuff and more sparkle, and check out my ebook, Becoming My Own Heroine, in which I delve into more detail about the de-cluttering process. You can also fine me on Facebook and Twitter. Have fun!  
1. Restrict your Closet Space.
If you have a spacious closet, that could be the problem. What if you
could use only one rack in your walk-in? What would you bring in a
suitcase for a month away?
2. Choose what to keep, not what to give away.
It’s hard to let go of items. I get it. Dump all your “maybes” in a
pile and pick out your favorites. Get rid of the rest! You can donate,
sell, swap, or, if you’re hesitant, simply put them in a box for a
season and see if you miss them. 
3. Don’t accommodate your clothes. They should accommodate you. That
jacket that only fits if you don’t zip it up? The skirt that you hate,
except when you wear it with a specific top? Maybe it’s time to say
goodbye. Clothes should be versatile. You’re the boss.
4. Wear your favorite pieces all the time. You know “special occasion” syndrome? You just bought a great new dress that you love and
it would empower you if you wore it every day. Why wait for an
occasion? Throw it on! If you de-clutter your clothes, you can feel like
this every day. Imagine that!
5. Write your own rules.
Little Black dresses are great, but if they’re not your jam, wear a
little green dress instead. Or a little gold dress! Minimalism can be as
colorful as you want.

Great tips!  Thanks so much Xandra!
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