5 Beauty Myths Debunked

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5 Beauty Myths Debunked
Beauty myths are all around us, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a good tip and a myth. I looked into a lot of common beauty tips I’ve heard over the years and put together a list of the top 5 most interesting beauty myths. I even tested out some myself! Check it out below.
Myth #1 The best place to apply perfume is on your neck.
Yes…and no. It really depends where on the neck. You want to spray perfume on the “pulse points” because these areas emanate heat, which help emit fragrance from the skin to the air. The best places to spray on perfume are inner wrists, back of your neck and behind earlobes.
Myth #2 Concealer should be lighter than foundation.
I’ve actually fallen trap to this one. Concealer should be almost the same color as your foundation. If your concealer is too light, it’ll end up drawing attention to those spots, which is something you’re trying to avoid!
Myth #3 Orange/Yellow Hued Lipsticks Make Your Teeth Look More Yellow
Lip colors with orange and yellow undertones are known as no-no’s because it could make your teeth yellower. But let me tell you ladies, that is false! You can wear all the orange/yellow hued lipsticks you’d like AND be a coffee addict too (my life right here). Don’t believe me? Check out the comparison I did below.
On the left, I’m wearing Urban Decay’s Super Saturated Lip Color in ‘Punch Drunk’ and on the right, I’m wearing ‘F-bomb.’ I don’t think my teeth look any yellower in the left photo versus the right photo.  
Myth #4 Makeup products are only good for 1 year.
Not true at all! It depends on the product. Powder makeup, eye liners, lip stick, nail polish and blush last a good 2 years, while liquid foundation and lip gloss last about a year. Shockingly, mascara and liquid liners only last about 3 months! This rule applies after you’ve started using the product. If you leave a product unopened, it can last much longer. Watch out though, most makeup products are only good for 3 years unopened. So if you bought a lipstick 2 years ago and start using it now, you have one good year until you need to throw it out.
Myth #5 Your foundation color usually stays the same.

It sounds true, but it’s actually far from it. Marketing studies show that skin pigmentation changes at least twice a year, depending on your exposure to the sun. For example, the East coast is exposed to varying weather conditions more than the West coast, so that can affect skin pigmentation. Usually, people are lighter during the winter than during the summer. I’m experiencing this right now. My foundation color is too dark for me and I need to switch to a lighter color!  

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