Blog of the Week: Glossy Blonde

Blog of the Week: Glossy Blonde

January 29, 2014 1 By admin
This week our blog of the week is Glossy Blonde, written by Niki!  
Meet Niki:
First, let me just say that Glossy Blonde refers to my deep love of
lip gloss… and more obvious, the fact that I’m blonde.  I am not a
conceited little b* and I do not have glossy, flowing locks – on the
contrary, more often than not it’s more like a tousled mess…  I’m just
your average fashion and beauty addict who loves to bake (and eat).  I
deliver my honest thoughts, finds, recipes and reviews to you on this
here blog, oftentimes with a side of sass.

I am married to my best friend in the whole entire world; and we live
with our 3 “kids” – a pit bull, a shepherd mix, and a very large kitty,
all rescues!  If you follow me on any form of social media, you’ll see
them often.

My hubby takes all of my outfit photos, although sometimes he becomes
a little diva and I imagine him in a beret ordering people around
 (other than that all photos are taken by me unless otherwise
indicated).  He is also wicked metro and loves GQ.  We joke that he
should start his own fashion blog… but I never want to see him in
“meggings.”  Just… no.

I’ve loved fashion and style as long as I can remember, and I’ve
never been one to care to blend in.  Some of my first memories involve
being forced into outfits I hated, which evolve in my teenage years into
not being let out of the house half the time (not because my outfits
were slutty, because I looked “ridiculous” according to my
ultra-conservative, prepster mother).  Granted, I’ve made some
questionable outfit decisions and I love to ride the line of what is
“acceptable”… with style and with life in general.  But I stand by my
decisions (most of them).

I am also incredibly obsessed with beauty products and I love all
things pretty.  I have a bathroom full of goodies and I’ve even gotten
the hubby to spark an interest in man products.

And I’ve inherited a lot from my Dad (you can read more about his – and my – shopping addiction here),
one of those traits being my proclivities for sweets.  And my
vocabulary (my Dad loves the word “proclivities”).  I love to bake in my
spare time and come up with new, fun, delicious recipes!

Finally, I am a little worker bee.  I work full time, I’m working on my
MBA at night, and I’m also working on opening a clothing/accessories
boutique.  The online portion will hopefully be up and running soon,
with a brick and mortar storefront to follow in the future!  Work, work,
work.  But I love this stuff!

Thanks Niki!  Be sure to check out her blog, Glossy Blonde, this week and give her a follow or two!


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