5 Winter Essentials!

Hey, everyone!

I am excited to be one of the new North East bloggers! I blog over at Letters from a Mermaid. 
I go to school in Western PA and am in love
with the sprawling hills and countryside.  I am originally from Ohio. 
What is one thing these two places have in common?
You guessed it: SNOW.
At home I am actually in the snow belt, which can lead to up to 2 and a half feet in one night. 
I am going to show you my 5 essentials for getting through a long and very cold winter!


My American Eagle green cargo trench jacket which is perfect for transitioning from class to clinical, 
dinner to the library and maybe even a night out.  It is extremely versatile due to the fabric…not 
too dressy, not too casual. 
Josie Maran Argan Oil. I swear by this stuff.  
Having to walk out to my car in an adjacent parking lot during the brutal winds blowing off Lake Erie
can certainly do its damage on my skin. 2 drops of argan oil smeared onto the face at night 
repairs all of the damage and hydrates my skin. Rather than make my face greasy, 
argan oil actually replaces the fatty acids leaving it glowing and feeling much healthier
the next morning. 
3.  Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips
Do not be intimidated by the $14 price tag on this baby. 
I promise your face will be glowing, hiding that ghostly color as your summertime tan fades!

The five shades of bronzer allow you to whisk your brush over the top and prevent you from getting

the orange/too dark of a color. I am very fair skinned and can match the tone to my skin perfectly. 
4.   Pumpkin Pie Candles from Yankee. 
The only scent that is not too overwhelming and perfectly pleasant. 
Ralph Lauren Bridle Print Wellies. 
Fiercely face the snow, the rain, sleet, hail…pretty much anything. 
What are some of your favorite accessories to face the winter?!

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