Blog of the Week: Nicole Marica

Blog of the Week: Nicole Marica

October 23, 2013 1 By admin
This week’s Blogger of the Week is Nicole who blogs over at Nicole Marica!  
Meet Nicole:
Hi! I’m Nicole. My husband is Dave and he is amazing. Seriously, no one
is perfect, but Dave is pretty darn close. He is kind, patient and puts
up with me. Dave helped me turn my life around and put me back on the
course that I wanted to be on. Without him I don’t think I’d be in my
final year of college, I wouldn’t have my house, my adorable cats or be a
really, deliriously happy wife. I honestly cannot sing his praises
enough, trust me, if you met him, he’d be your new best friend. Super
awesome. So awesome that my about me page so far is about Dave…sorry.

Ok, about me? I work full time, where isn’t important, what is important
that my job is good to me. They allow me flexible scheduling so I can
go to class which I currently do part time. Its a crazy, hectic schedule
but I’m managing. I’m currently working towards my bachelors degree in
history with a minor in American and English Literature. Once I get my
degree (hopefully by the end of this year!), I’ll go back to get my
certification in teaching for secondary education. Right now I’m at the
crossroad of also potentially going back for my English degree and then
have a dual cert in both social studies and language arts…only time
will tell! 

Want to know more?  Be sure to check out her blog: Nicole Marica!  Read a few post and leave her some nice Northeast bloggers comment love! 

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