Blog of the Week: It’s All Geek To Me

Blog of the Week: It’s All Geek To Me

October 9, 2013 0 By admin
This week’s blogger of the week hails from New Jersey and writes over at her blog It’s All Geek To Me!  
Meet Melissa:
My name is Melissa. I’m a nerd. Yep, I admit it. And proudly. I’m very
much into reading books, playing RPG video games, watching TV shows,
renting movies through PS3 or Redbox, being up to date on actors I
adore, and sports news (soccer, football and curling mostly). Just say
the words *Harry Potter* or *Final Fantasy* and we’ll be best friends
till the end of time! It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I’m an
easy going, plain-jane kind of girl. Not too much makeup or fashion
statements from me– comfy sweats and a shirt are my style when I’m
home. I do like to dress up a little bit when I’m going out. I quote
from movies I know by heart in conversation. I talk about characters I
read about like I personally know them.

It’s All Geek To Me!

Some other things to know about my life: I married my best friend
Steven back in November of 2004, and we have two children together. Plus
a place we call home in southern New Jersey. I’ve been a stay at home
mom since my first born came home. I love every minute of it. My family
makes my life complete.

Thanks Melissa!  Everyone please be sure to go check out her blog, say hi and give her a follow!

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