Blog of the Week: {…a breezy life}

Blog of the Week: {…a breezy life}

October 2, 2013 0 By admin
This week’s blog of the week is Brie who writes over at the blog …a breezy life!  
Meet Brie:

Hi, I’m Brie! Thanks for coming by!
I am a twenty thirty-something, regular girl who is often still
trying to find my way! I started blogging over 5 years ago as a way to
vent and record the various moments of my life! I keep hoping that
someday, the person with all of the answers will read my blog and clue
me in!!!!

I am the mama of a sweet, wonderful, hilarious son named Peter, named after his father and my husband, who is almost
as sweet and wonderful! 😉 Pete is a Registered Nurse and a volunteer
firefighter, and right now I am a SAHM! PJ is 3 years old and the love
of our lives! In January of 2012, PJ was diagnosed with Autism. He
started Early Intervention at 20 months and the Friday before his 3rd
birthday became an EI grad! He is now enrolled in a pre-school program
that attends to the special  needs of a variety of students. PJ’s
diagnosis is something that has changed our lives and often, is a focal
topic on my blog.

I like to write about all of my life’s adventures, from parenthood to
family, from diapers potty training, from Cheeze-It binges to dieting,
from happiness to sadness. It’s a very ordinary life I lead, but it’s
mine and I am thankful to have a way to record it all, and so thankful
to you for reading!

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