Blog of the Week: La Dap E Style

Blog of the Week: La Dap E Style

September 4, 2013 0 By admin
Now that the Blogging Challenge is over we are back to our regular schedule of posts!  Our first blog of the week for September is La Dap E Style!  They are a fashion blog and hopefully this will help us get excited about next week’s North East Bloggers Fall Fashion Week!!

LaDap E’Style is a unique site focusing on chic, fashionable and creative beings. I know you might say, what does LaDap E’ Style stands for : Loving All Divas And Priceless Styles. LDS will bring our readers life in fashion . We want our readers to have that classic piece and remain in style! You will also hear about all the hip and vintage shops NYC has to offer. There will be profiles of up and coming designers who are working hard on there craft to become one of the many Elite. LDS will inspire you to create and adapt a style that is Funky Fresh and unique! 

Check out La Dap E Style here and be sure to say hi!  
Stay tuned, next week is our first ever Fashion Week and we have more fun things coming up as well!

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