Blog of the Week: The Regular Guy NYC

Blog of the Week: The Regular Guy NYC

July 24, 2013 3 By admin
This week’s blogger of the week is Phil of The Regular Guy NYC.  Meet Phil:

About Phil:
Phil is an advertising and sales guru with close to 20 years in the biz. With a varied background which includes stints as a certified personal trainer, bartender, small business owner, ad rep, publisher and writer, I bring my overall life knowledge, opinions, humor, and everyday experiences to light here. With a knack for “telling it like it is”, my outlook on life comes from a “guy’s guy” standpoint and real experience. Whether it be dining, drinking, culture, sports, life, or just plain having fun my viewpoints come from a keen eye and mindset.

About his blog:
Welcome to “The Regular Guy NYC”. As a normal semi-level headed dude living and playing in New York City this is a pandora’s box of a website to talk about and explore opinions and views of life in the big city and beyond. Food, fun, booze, culture, sports, health, life, etc. It’s all open game here.

Take it from a life long New Yorker – it’s never normal!

Make sure you go check out The Regular Guy NYC this week and show him some North East Bloggers love!


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