Northeast Life: Visiting Rhode Island!

Rhode Island. Little Rhody. The 401. So
many nicknames for our small state, but always the same abundance of
love. Like every other state, there are certain things that make our
state unique. Like, our accent. And our beaches. But here are a few of
my favorites that you absolutely HAVE to try while visiting {if you
haven’t yet!}.

Del’s Lemonade
Their stands and trucks are absolutely
everywhere. It’s the simple, sweet taste of lemon or watermelon that
just cools me right down on a hot summer day. Of course they have other
flavors like cherry, peach mango, blueberry, light melon, grapefruit and
pomegranate. The best part about Del’s is that they have their own
powder mix which is great for gifts! When my brother was overseas, my
mom packed up a box that included a few mixes for him and his soldiers.

Iggy’s Doughboy & Chowder House
Seriously, what doesn’t
sound good about doughboys?! With two perfect locations by the beach,
it’d be perfect for a date with the girls, or your guy. Or even a family
fun night out. Besides doughboys and chowder, they offer a variety of
different foods like french fries, mozzarella sticks, and chicken
fingers. You can always find good deals directly on their website you
can print out and bring with you.

Newport Creamery
A family eatery with multiple locations all
over Rhode Island with great options for literally anyone, it’s a nice
place to go on a day off or after a day at the beach. Their ice cream
and fraps are to die for.

So there you have it, 3 places to try when visiting Rhode Island!


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Today’s guest post comes from Amy of Love and Hot Chocolate. Amy is a Northeast blogger from Rhode Island who loves cheese, purple and her Ipad.

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