Northeast Life: Mystic Seaport, CT

 Today we are checking out Mystic Seaport, CT with Kallie!
Recently we visited Mystic Seaport. Even though it is in my home state I’d never visited before. And even better, I’d just gotten my new Tamron f/2.8 lens in the mail so this was the perfect chance to give it a test drive.

We were blessed with gorgeous weather, and even better than that, the Seaport wasn’t crawling with tourists- still a little early into the season I guess.  Mystic Seaport is a restored 19th century seafaring village. There are an array of historic boats and maritime art, along with the full village, with each shop and house still intact with role players inside each one.

Time to test of that f/2.8 in the church.

Figured I’d better test out the lens’ portrait abilities too. Part of the selling feature for my on the f/2.8 was its strengths with indoor lighting and portrait-type photography.  It’s downfall is that it’s a 28-75mm so it doesn’t give me as wide of a range for landscapes. Hey, you win some you lose some.

I’m on a boat anddd, I’m not going that fast, actually.

Oops, maybe there is a reason they tell you not to touch everything. Caught “red-handed”

After all that exploring our blood sugars were feeling mighty low and we were in need of of sustenance.
What? Not what you pictured as power food? Let me tell you, beer and french fries can prepare you to conquer the world. P.S. anyone else like their french fries with mustard?

We settled for a local brew called Cottrell, bottled right in Pawcatuck, Ct. It was a mighty fine ale, I must say so myself.

Hey there good lookin’.  
Refueled we were feeling much better and ventured back out into ye ole village.
Things got pretty serious when we realized there’d be tripping hazards. This was actually aboard the oldest Whaling ship left in existence.  They are working to restore it to her former glory and then she’ll spend a few years traveling the world. I even heard they are going to sail her to a Whale Sanctuary in Australia where she and the whales will “make peace” for their bloody past. Pretty neat. 
Michael made friends with this attractive woman while I tried my very best not to get jealous.

Time to head home! We had a lovely trip to the Seaport. If you ever find yourself in southeastern Connecticut, I suggest a trip at the famous Mystic Seaport.

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Today’s guest post comes from Kallie who writes over at But First, Coffee. Kallie is a Northeast blogger from Connecticut who loves her dog, DIY projects, beautiful things and of course, coffee!

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