Blog of the Week: Sunshine & Rain

Blog of the Week: Sunshine & Rain

June 19, 2013 1 By admin
 This week’s blog of the week is Krys who write over at Sunshine & Rain!  Meet Krys!

Hi you all, I’m Krystal Lynn, but everyone calls me Krys! I blog over at a little place called Sunshine&Rain.
I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania with my amazing Fiance, Mr. B,
& our three fur-children, Odin, Kora, & Apollo. I’m a crocheter,
writer, photographer, fur-mommy, fiancee, ‘housewife, daughter, &
an abuse survivor. If I had to choose one word to truly describe what I
am, I would have to say, thriving. I would also have to follow it with a quote by Maya Angelou.

is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows me to
survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and
style.” – Maya Angelou
blog is quite a random little blog. I write about life, love, crochet,
fur-children, frustrations, PCOS & other health ‘issues’. I also
like to toss in a few reviews & giveaways when the opportunity
knocks. Some of my writing gets a bit personal, as I speak about my
struggles with PCOS, dealing with my past, & the fears of wanting to
start a family in the future. I write what I think, & though I try
my best to not offend, I also refuse to censor myself. So many blogs
touch base on the good & the positive times in life… which is
great. However, my blog is about the good & the bad. It is about the
ups & the downs. It’s a place for me to let go of the things I am
holding onto. A place to reach out to others that might just be going
through something similar. Sunshine & Rain is my outlet to let my
inner self blossom & shine through the darkness of my past. With
that being said, I like to think my blog has a good balance of serious
& silly moments. 
I am away from my blog, I like to spend time in my little urban garden.
In the summers I grow tomatoes, peppers & zucchini in my backyard.
There is nothing better than a homegrown tomato! Like for-reals! Also,
a fresh zucchini thrown onto the grill with a little olive oil has to
be my favorite thing to eat in the summer. I also like to crochet,
though I am quite a slow crocheter. I take my time when creating a
project, unless I have to have it done by a certain time. (ie. Christmas
presents.) I love spending time with Mr. B, be it fishing, camping, or
just going out for a drive. He’s my world & I can’t wait to say ‘I
do’ next fall.
days are mostly spent doing the typical housewife thing. There is
always something to do, dishes to clean, & laundry to fold. But my
fur-babies sure do help break up the day. I spend a lot of time with
Odin. Odin is our Saint Bernard Border Collie mix & he pretty much
owns my heart. He is a huge Momma’s boy & hates when I leave him
alone. He follows me from room to room & never leaves my side. Odin
may be his given name, but he has managed to have a few nicknames tagged
on him as well. I call him my ‘Monster’ & Mr. B refers to him as
‘Nose’. He is an amazing dog, though his nose does get him into trouble
from time to time. That & the fact he is as tall as our kitchen
table. lol. 
that I have written a mini novel, lol, I would like to thank the North
East Bloggers Network for allowing me this chance to say hello! Please
feel free to come on over to my blog & say hello back! I’ve got a
giveaway going live on Friday to celebrate my very FIRST Blogiversary, I really hope to see you there! 🙂
Thanks Krys!  Make sure you go check out her blog, Sunshine & Rain, this week and say hi!

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