5 Tips for Planning a Date Weekend

This week’s Friday Five post comes to us from Kelly who writes over at the blog Besote!  
Here are her 5 tips for planning a date weekend:

1. Check Priceline.
The ability to bid on a hotel price may intimidate some, but you learn
the game and come out a winner. $50 a night for a Marriott just outside
the city is not a bad deal.  We’ve used this website many times and
luckily, we have never been disappointed.

2. Check discount sites
like groupon, living social, goldstar and whofish for things to do in
town. Often, you can find deals for tours, restaurants, shows, and
museum discounts that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Theme it up. We
were engaged in Paris. As a result, it becomes fun to reminisce about
our time there and sip coffee in Parisian-style bistros. Love Rome? Sip
cappuccinos in a local coffee bar. Barcelona your thing? Find a tapas
bar and bon provecho!

4. Culture Club.
Find a local museum and see what’s on exhibit. Attend the local
philharmonic. See what’s going on in town. New York has scores of
options, and smaller cities have much to offer as well.

5. Second Honeymoon.
Weekends away are a great time to break from the routine. Let romance
rule the day and soak up the love. You’ll have to go back to work soon
enough. Enjoy the time together just being together.

To see the original post on Kelly’s blog click here!

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This week’s Friday Five was written by Kelly of Besote.  Kelly is a Northeast blogger in Boston who loves cooking shows, has been skydiving and met her husband at an ice-cream stand!

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