Northeast Life:
Living and Working in the Hudson Valley

In 1998, I took a solo trip around the United States and my last destination was the Omega Institute in
Rhinebeck, NY. I had found out about it while working at Borders Books
and Music when I opened a box that was full of Omega catalogs. This was
summer 1997. 
my Intro Weekend in ‘98, I realized over the winter that going back
would be good for me. I applied for a seasonal position and was hired to
work in the kitchen for the ‘99 season.
at Omega is definitely it’s own world. It’s often referred to as ‘the
Omega bubble’ by those who work there. You are nearly 10 miles from town
(Rhinebeck) and a little country store is about two miles away which
many stop at while walking around the lake. Farmland and rolling hills
calm the mind and soothe the spirit on these serene walks or bike rides.
used to bike into town once a week or so, just to get back into the
world, read a newspaper or see a movie. I could usually get there in
under an hour and never got tired of it. Just thinking about it, makes
me want to relocate there.
Charming Towns
The Hudson Valley is known for its quaint and picturesque towns and
villages. Well kept, and lots to see, villages like Rhinebeck,
Woodstock, New Paltz and many others are sprinkled throughout. Ideal for
shopping, eating, site seeing, festivals and much more–you are sure to
enjoy your time there.
One of the most memorable sites I visited was the Mohonk Mountain House.
I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. “How was this built!?” I asked
myself. It’s such a magical structure, but something you rarely hear
about. I haven’t been there in over ten years, but it still stands out.
And New Paltz is a little over five miles away, so if you want to enjoy
night life in a college town, you can. 
Back at Omega
If you haven’t been to Omega, I highly recommend you go. Either to work
during the season (May-October) or take one of the weekend or week long
workshops. It opened up a new way of being for me and have nothing but
fond memories. The last time I worked there was 2003 and have only been
by once or twice to visit. The good thing is it’s only about 75 miles
away. When I’m ready for a relaxation period, that’s where I’ll go.

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Today’s guest post comes from Ryan. Ryan is a North East blogger living in New York and the founder of Calaban.

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