25 Ways to Celebrate Spring!

Spring is in full bloom now and Kristen has some great ideas on how to celebrate! 
  1. Plant some seeds with the kids! Teaching our children where our food comes from is a life lesson. 
  2. Get to every playground in your area!
     They are SO much more fun before it’s oppressive out.  Enjoy them now,
    even if they are wet!  Get some boots on and get out there!
  3. Two words: PUDDLE STOMPING.  Then send your pictures here: Muddy Puddles Project.  Instead of saying you can’t play outside in the rain, dress them in their raincoats and boots, and let them out!!
  4. How about a Road Race?  Many 5ks and road races include a family portion or a ‘fun run.’  What a great way to get moving!
  5. Volunteer.  Find an outdoor clean-up project or community garden and help to beautify your village.  
  6. Check out a local CSA for summer veggies!
  7. Find a place to walk, rail trail, nature reserve, etc.  Take the alphabet hike sheet with you! (see printable at the bottom of the post!)
  8. Bubbles.  Not just the little ones.
  9. Find a huge hill.  Roll down the whole thing.
  10. Play.with.water.
     Put it in pots, tupperware, spray bottles, water bottles, and send the
    kids outside.  Let them experiment and make mud.  Let them fill up
    their toys and dump them out.  Let them get their clothes wet.  Let them
    get their shoes wet.  They.will.dry.
  11. Campfire.
  12. Sidewalk
    chalk.  Nothing fancy.  Just let them color all over everything.
     Trees, streets, toys, rocks, everything.  Relax.  It washes off.
  13. If you’re close enough, get to the beach.  Not to swim, to walk, build, collect, picnic.
  14. Pick whatever is fresh, whenever it’s fresh.
  15. Lemonade ice pops.
  16. Everyday
    it’s above 40 degrees go for a walk.  Let your kids lead the way,
    choose the direction you leave from your house, find things to talk
    about, and decide when to turn around. 
  17. Fill the kiddie pool with warm water.  Let them at it!
  18. Go for a drive with all the windows down.
  19. Sit
    outside, quiet, and listen for everything you can hear for 1 minute (or
    as long as your kids can wait).  Talk about everything you heard.
  20. Get some SPRING related books from the library.  Read them outside the library on a blanket.
  21. Go fishing! (or send your kids fishing with someone who knows how haha)
  22. Flashlight tag.  
  23. Make water snoopers.  Put on some boots.  Find a stream.  Snoop!  (1
    number 10 can – with the two ends removed, plastic wrap held on one end
    with a rubber band, put the plastic end into the water, see what’s
  24. Obstacle courses and relay races.
  25. Swing.  As high as you can.  Jump off.  The kids will love to see you be a kid. <3
What are some of your ideas for celebrating spring?

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Today’s guest post is written by Kristen of One Organic Mama. Kristen is a North East Blogger, teacher, mama and “fake crunchy.”

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