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Times Square from a New Yorkers Viewpoint

Welcome to the North East Bloggers // Northeast Life series where our Northeast bloggers can share snippets of life in their own NE location!  Today’s post comes from blogger Phil of “The Regular Guy NYC.”

“Times Square NYC – Are You Frickin’ Kidding Me?”

NYC offers up so many great places to see, explore, and experience.
There are a multitude of spots to eat a fabulous meal, take in
entertainment, enjoy a delicious cocktail, view culture, and revel in
history among others. As a long time resident of this gotham we call
home I have yet to really hit up all the things I want to see and do.
There is just always something going on here and not enough time to be a
part of it. Yet, there is one dreaded place in NYC that “real New
Yorkers” refuse to go on a normal bases – Times Square. This Disneyfied
version of what use to be grungy and grimy Times Square is a beacon for
people from all over the world to visit when arriving here on vacation.
In 2012 NYC had a record breaking 52 million tourists visit the city,
and I could swear all of them were in the Times Square area! This part
of town becomes a frickin’ nightmare for the local New Yorker to
navigate, and we all get a bit nauseaus just thinking about having to be
there. Unless we head there to take in a show on Broadway we never,
ever, really want to venture there. Even then, it’s a quick escape onto
the subway or in a cab as soon as the show ends. “FLEE” is the first
thing we think of, as this tourist trap hell hole frays every nerve in
our bodies.


Click through to read the rest of the article and see some great photos of Times Square!  Thanks Phil for sending in our first submission for North East Bloggers // Northeast Life!  


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