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Hey Friends!

Today I want to talk to you all about weight lifting. I have touched on it before and I want to take some time today to touch on it again.

As you all know I am HUGE into health and fitness and I am always always always reading different books and articles I see. I have come up with a list of 4 different myths of exercise and weightlifting and I want to share that with you today. 

1. People think to loose weight fast you have to diet and do a lot of aerobic exercise. 
Friends this is a big fat lie. Well kind of. Yes if you do aerobic exercise you will loose weight but if you combine it with weight lifting you will get better results. When you combine the two you are burning fat and developing lean muscle mass at the same time so you will shape up and lean out faster! Fore even better results combine weight lifting, aerobic exercise with healthy eating and you have yourself a awesome success plan in place! 

Source: via Nikki on Pinterest
2. People think that the best way to burn a lot of fat and calories is through cardio workouts. 
Again yes and no. Conventional cardio exercise burns a lot of calories and we all want this but when you are done with your cardio work out you stop burning calories. When you lift weights you keep burning calories even AFTER you finish your workout. Its called the EPOC Effect
3. Women are afraid to lift because they think they will get bulky. 
Bull cocky! If you want to get big you have to lift big, eat a lot, and do a few reps with a lot of weight. Not to mention the fact that most women do not have enough of the male hormone testosterone to get big muscles. You want to lift a lighter weight with a higher rep count to maximize your strength without bulking up. 

4. A lot of people think that gym machines are better for strength training than barbells or free weights. 

Basically machines are great for isolating a specific muscle. If you lift free weights or barbells you end up using all of your body’s muscles to help stabilize yourself including your core! So you are not just using one specific muscle and the more muscles you use to better results you will see in the long run.

Also I want to touch on the of supplements. I take supplements from AdvoCare as well as sell them as an independent distributor. If you have any questions about anything or want to pick my brain about it do not hesitate to ask. I can help you reach your goals! Looking to drop a few pounds? Looking to get a little energy boost? How can I help you?

There ya go friends.
I hope this helps you realize that you can lift and you need to lift to really help reach your goals!
Get strong, get fit, get healthy!



Thanks for sharing your tips with us Nikki!

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Today’s guest post comes from Nikki over at the blog “My Life My Way.”  Nikki is a Northeast blogger from New Jersey, is a fitness instructor and loves a good laugh!

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